Notice: The "" domain name is no longer owned by ValensiyaGames/EndlessGaming!!

Basically. the "EndlessGaming.Today" domain expired, so i registered it- and thats really all there is to it .-.

For Context I registered this domain on 26/05/2020, but a few years back it was used by Echo607 and Endless Gaming (now ValensyiaGames)
after i realized that the entire EndlessGamingToday youtube channel was deleted, and a bunch of Echo607's early youtube videos where set to private.
alot of speedpaints, a pokemon fan game playthrough and a bunch of other stuff i cant quite remember
but also, most notably her Sky Reflections (proof of existance) RMVXAce Tutorial.

Ulthough i dont have copies of any of these or anything- i did watch a them and i remember
that she'd introduce herself as "Kachie" rather than Echo
Perhaps she used to go by this name online? I mean there both Gaia's Melody characters soo. it'd make sense right? xD

Most of the content that was on can be found on or (formally,
such as the GM RMXP games, however other games that where on there are just.. not?
i checked on the wayback machine, there where mediafire/dropbox links which where all also taken down soo yeah.

I dont see anyone really mentioning this stuff anywhere so (maybe no one noticed?) so yeah.

!! Echo has replied! i asked her about what happened to EndlessGaming youtube channel and this was the response,

I also asked her what was up with older videos being privated- and she said it was to do with the youtube "Made for Kids" thing,
yknow how every few years theres some law or regluation that gets passed that everyone thinks is gonna ruin youtube? yeah that happened in late 2019 & early 2020
with COPPA Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, appaerently thats the reason echo privated her old videos,

she even answered on the VXA Sky Reflections stuff, basically saying that youtube ate the video thumbnail and she didnt have a copy of it anymore

Of course i still have the thumbnail~ which i promptly sent to echo ..

Music by, Used with permission from.. oh wait, i *am* EndlessGaming.Today xD